About Us

Consumers need a fresh new way to enjoy flowers and photo gifts that are fun, engaging, decorative and emotional.  That's why we created Flower Poppers.

By combining the beauty of flowers, the joy of pictures and the delight of a special message, Flower Poppers provide a way to share life's joys.

Ways to use a Flower Popper Arrangement

1.  Photo Gift - Many of us have given countless mugs, calendars and coasters for a gifting occasion.  They are nice, but let's face it, the recipient would love to receive something new, unique, and absolutely beautiful.  A Flower Popper arrangement will achieve just that and more.  The POPPER (photo or message) can be taken off and replaced with a new POPPER at any time.  This means that your arrangement will continue to bloom over and over again!

2. Instead of Fresh Flowers -  Why not send a Flower Popper arrangement for a change. Fresh flowers are beautiful, but they don't last very long and they can be very expensive to keep sending.  A Flower Popper arrangement is sure to surprise and delight the recipient and will continue to bloom occasion after occasion; just change the POPPER!

3.  Home Decor - A Flower Popper arrangement will be a welcomed addition to any home.  It can be used as a table centerpiece or anywhere in the home that you may want to display beautiful flowers or a picture frame.  Blooming words and smiling faces will continue to brighten up a home day after day!

4.  Special Occasion Events - Flower Popper arrangements will make your event flowers POP.  We can design artificial arrangements or work with your florist to bring a special personalized touch to your event decor.

For those that like to DIY, we are giving you the option to purchase a Box of Flower Poppers.  This will allow you to create and design arrangements or bouquets that resonate with your particular decor or gift giving need.

Flower Poppers keep giving long after the initial purchase.  When a new occasion rolls around or you want to share new photos, Flower Poppers is there to make the original arrangement bloom all over again.  Just order new POPPERS!

We hope that you make Flower Poppers a part of your family.  We'd love to grow with you and share in your family's celebrations and gift giving needs.