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Flower Poppers

DIY - Box of 12 Long Stemmed Flower Poppers

DIY - Box of 12 Long Stemmed Flower Poppers

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What can you do with a Flower Popper?

A Flower Popper can be used as a Photo Frame, Christmas Ornament, Save the Date, Holiday Card, Place Card, Table Card, Thank You Note, Party Favor, Event Decor, Floral Gift, in Floral Arrangements and more!

12 Long Stemmed Flower Poppers come in a box.   12 POPPERS are included.  Choose your colors and upload your images.  Flower Poppers can be added to live and artificial flower arrangements or used on their own. 

A vase is not included and the Flower Poppers will need to be arranged by the recipient. Please note that each flower is unique and the petals will come in various sizes and shapes.

A Long Stemmed Flower Popper is 22.5" tall and 4" wide. It can be cut with a wire cutter or bent to your desired length.
The POPPER is 1.5"

The stem can get wet, however, on the bottom of the stem is an exposed wire.  We recommend sealing the bottom of the stem with a sealant like nail polish or there is a risk of rust that may result.

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Turn your photo into a Flower Popper

The POPPER has a special magnet on the back that will attach to the center of the flower. It can be taken on and off very easily.