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Flower Poppers

Charming Bud Vase Flower Popper

Charming Bud Vase Flower Popper

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Best Buds!

The Flower Popper is simply charming in this off white bud vase.  Select your color and your photo.  It will look stunning on a bookshelf, coffee table, nightstand or in a powder room.  The Flower Popper is not anchored to the vase.

A photo or message of your choosing is placed inside the center of the Gerber Daisy to create a Flower Popper (patent pending).

The center photo/message is called a POPPER and it is attached with a magnet. The POPPER can be taken off and replaced with a new POPPER at any time.  This Bud Vase Flower Popper will continue to bloom with new photos/messages all year long.  Just order more POPPERS!

Upload your image UN Cropped and as a jpg file.

Vase: 4.5"H x 4.5"W
Flower Popper: 4.5"
Vase & Flower Popper: 7.5"H
POPPER: 1.5"

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Turn your photo into a Flower Popper

The POPPER has a special magnet on the back that will attach to the center of the flower. It can be taken on and off very easily.